JefF Byerly Prophecies



My People Have an i Problem


Spring 2014


Posted on May 15, 2014

The Holy Spirit spoke this to me:
My people have an i problem
They cannot see spiritual things because of the
Put these things down and search after the Lord your God.
And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.
Soon I will silence all of men’s devices,android and windows included.
This is My great act of mercy for now, not many are truly seeking me.



Blessings and Promises of God



The blessings and promises of God are Yes and Amen to those who are seeking His face diligently and putting Jesus First.

They come automatically and you do not even need to pray for them, for everyone who knows Him intimately is already blessed in this way. Protection, prosperity and peace are yours, just seek Jesus first and all of these things will be added to you. Remember His ways are higher than our ways and be patient. He is not a “Burger King God” Your way right away, but He is never too late. Seek the blesser not the blessings. Read His word to see what those blessings are. He never said to claim them! You can claim all you want but if you are not seeking Him first what good is it? I AM not a man that I can lie and I never forget My people or My promises.
Trust in Jesus!




Just BE with ME!



When You Seek Me it is the most important part of the day.


Don’t be discouraged when you don’t “breakthrough” and find Me right away. Everyone that seeks Me finds Me when they seek with ALL of their heart. I AM not satisfied with anything but complete and total worship. When I matter to you more than the things you are asking of Me and you seek My face I hide you in Myself and anything you ask is granted. Put away the thoughts of the world for a little while. Focus only on Me. I know you have responsibilities but My people do not enjoy My presence enough.

Just BE with ME!



Fellowship with Me



Tell My people that they need to be intimate with Me daily, not just once in awhile. This is where the revival comes from.

Come to Me surrender everything, I know every secret of their heart and will cleanse and heal spiritually and physically. If they are not close to Me in the coming days of shaking they will fall.
Playtime is over!
Get right or get left!
I AM coming for a pure bride without spot or wrinkle. Come let us reason together though your sins be as scarlet I will make them whiter than snow. If you confess your sins, I AM faithful and just to forgive your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Be not stiff necked and do not harden your hearts, always remain broken and pliable before your God. I resist the proud but give grace to the humble. Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that I Jesus AM LORD. Please willingly bow to me now, or you will be forced later. Your reward will be greater than you can ever imagine.

I LONG FOR YOU, fellowship with Me




I First Chose You



You could not choose me unless I first chose you.
I made you the way you are for a reason.
I could not have a bunch of slaves or robots doing my will by force, that is what your enemy wants.
It is and always has been a choice to follow Me and obey Me.




Be an Overcomer!



This is what Jesus says to the 7 churches in the book of Revelation:
To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God. He who overcomes shall not be hurt by the second death. To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat. And I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it. He who overcomes, and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations He shall rule them with a rod of iron;
They shall be dashed to pieces like the potter’s vessels as I also have received from My Father; and I will give him the morning star. He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life; but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels. He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go out no more. I will write on him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God, the New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God. And I will write on him My new name. To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.
Cry out with the four living creatures before the throne of God

“Holy, holy, holy,
Lord God Almighty,
Who was and is and is to come!”



This Financial System Will Not Stand



Men will say that the crash of the financial markets are over but I AM the LORD of All and I say that all who rely on money will see it slip through their hands like the sands of the sea.
Oh cry out to Me , fall on your knees and I will hear and come and save you to the uttermost! This financial system will not stand, it is a house of cards and it is beginning to fall. DO NOT put your trust in it.
Put your trust in I AM! I pave the streets with gold it is like asphalt to Me. One day you will see for yourself the cattle on a thousand hills spoken of in My word. There is nothing too hard for Me. I will provide for My faithful children just Believe and Have Faith! I will not let you down. Do not be a part of the new system that The Enemy will reveal. I will make a way where there seems to be no way.
Bow your knee to Me and you will never have any lack.



Soon THE Event will Happen




Soon THE event will happen and there will no longer be any wonder in any of those who are watching, those who are mine, that My judgment has begun.

The whole world will be in confusion and chaos, but My bride will have the peace that passes all earthly understanding. She will not fear and she will be protected from harm. It will happen soon enough do not speculate on the date but be ready at all times.

Stay in the Spirit at all times and pray in your prayer language as much as possible. Get ALL of this world out of yourself NOW! There is no time to waste. Be holy as I AM holy. Put off every weight of sin that so easily trips you up. Stay in My presence and nothing evil can come into your mind. Renew your mind and take every thought captive. My angels are here for your protection and you can command them in My name. Has it not been written that you shall judge angels? Fallen ones of course! ( There has been some question regarding wording of this paragraph. I asked the Lord about and He and this is what He says ” When you pray in My name (Jesus, Yahshua etc…) I command My holy angels concerning you but you can command the Fallen Angels to go and rebuke them in My name. “Edited 6-18-19)

My glory shall be upon you and you will shine for Me in the darkness. Thick darkness will cover the earth like during the time of the exodus. The darkness will be able to be felt and it will seem that I have abandoned you for a short time BUT I will NEVER leave you or forsake you!

Stay in your homes during this time of darkness and pray to Me and you will be totally infused with My Holy Spirit. Then you will be used to bring in the last great harvest and then I will come back for you, My precious bride!

Believe My words for they are sure and true.


Your coming King,







The Supernatural will Become Normal




Intercede for those that think that they are My bride. Many, many, many think that they are My children but they have never truly given their heart to Me and they do not know Me. They try to do My works in My name but I do not know them. (The Lord was saying that He has never been intimate or “One” with them) That is why it is better to be hot or cold, because then one knows where they stand with Me. I AM speaking of the “good”, “moral”,”upstanding” members of the community. They believe that they are good enough, but I have said there is none good, no not one.
What is getting ready to happen to this world will cause many to come to Me in repentance. They will come to Me with a truly broken heart and I will accept them. They will see that the “churches” were not preaching the full gospel. Yes revival will come once again to the “Westernized” countries of the world but nothing will be as it now is. Know that I will take care of My own, My wrath is not upon them. I cannot stand the sins of this America anymore, it has far surpassed those of Sodom and Gomorrah. If it were not for My grace and mercy and the few that truly do follow Me, I would have allowed for the destruction of your “once great nation” long ago. The last straw will be when America turns its back on Israel and splits MY LAND and MY HOLY CITY Jerusalem.
Watch the one who calls himself ” The Vicar of Christ” He does not speak for My people, he is a deceiver and knows exactly what he is doing. Be sober and stay as close to Me as possible, I AM your only haven of safety.
Many of My people are saying that I AM doing a new thing, but I tell you the truth, I AM the everlasting, true God and I change Not. My people are in for a great change though, especially in America. When the world is stripped from you, then you will truly be free to love and serve Me. It is the only way! If I were to return right now for My bride, the small amount of people who would go with Me would shock you.
I want to use My bride in this last great harvest. Will you join Me?
I promise that you will be filled with more of My Holy Spirit than anyone ever has at any point in the history of man. the choice is yours, I never force anyone. I love you and I long for you to commune with Me Always, not just in your “prayer” or “devotion” time. I WANT IT ALL!
Believe Me child I will make it worth your while. Signs and wonders, miracles, healings, restorations and deliverances will follow. The supernatural will become Normal.
Always enter in with Me through worship and humble yourself. I always give grace to the humble. No matter how bad things look in this world, I will always be with you, even though you can’t feel Me at times. I will be with you until the very end, and then throughout eternity you will be with Me.
What I have in store for you is so glorious that your earthly mind cannot conceive of it.
Remember I long to be with you always.
Long for Me My bride!




Have You Ever Tried to Wake up a Drunkard?



This what the Lord has said to me:“My son write these words for those with spiritual ears and eyes to see the times in which you live.Have you ever tried to wake up a drunkard? They might move a bit and even talk to you incoherently but inevitably they go back to sleep till they sober up.


I AM will be the one that wakes the people of America up! I will take away the wine of her fornication (money, prosperity, material wealth) and I will shake this country awake! (earthquakes, nuclear bombs) This country will once again know that I AM is the Almighty one. I created this country to be a safe haven for all of my people but it is no longer doing as I intended it. Oh how they mock Me, kill my precious babes in the womb and say that the name of My only begotten Son Jesus should not be spoken unless uttered as a curse word. The truth is that the demons that control these so-called leaders of your country tremble at the very mention of the name of Jesus. They know that their time is very short and they are going to give Me their best shot. I laugh at them! They are no match for Me! They not even any match for My angels! They are not are not even any match for My people who are washed in the blood of Jesus, empowered by My Holy Spirit and have the authority of the name of Jesus. The enemy cannot defeat you, unless he has something in you, some pet habit or sin that you love more than Me. He can try to make you fear him but it is a lie for I have already defeated him. Victory is yours so take it! Put off the drunkenness of this world and I will not have to judge you. Be filled with the new wine of My Spirit to overflowing! Remember I prefer mercy over judgment, there is still a little more time to turn to Me but surely I come quickly and My rewards are with Me to give to every man what he has earned. Soon shall be the beginning of many catastrophes and martial law in America . The leader you have now (Obama) will be your last. My Holy Spirit will be poured out like never before in My people so that the last harvest can be brought in. My Holy Spirit wind will come rushing into this land and give you your second wind so you can finish the race strong! EXPECT MY MOVE VERY SOON! DO NOT FEAR!LOVE YAHWEH


The Fire in the Spirit and in the Natural

will Burn During this Season



The Fire in the Spirit and in the Natural will Burn During this Season




Watch Video Here

My beloved remnant; My holy spotless bride,
I have a message of comfort that I want to give this day.
I know what you are all feeling right now, because I know you.
You are not of this world and you know you don’t belong here.
Every fiber of your being hates the thought of staying it this evil world even one more day.
You long to be with Me, your groom, your first and only true love.
I see your tears, your anguish, your pain and your broken hearts before Me.
I feel the same!
I also feel great anticipation as the time that we will be united is very soon.
Please understand that the fullness of the number of the gentiles is SO CLOSE to being fulfilled.
Please pray that these will come into My sheep fold quickly, so that we may proceed unto the next step in our relationship.

Please be patient though My love. How would you have felt if I would have come before you were ready? Think back to where you were 10 years ago!
Think back even 5 years ago, were you ready like you are now? Think back even one year ago for some of you, you were not ready but now you are! Now that you are ready you need to help bring in the last guests and help the others with their preparations to meet their Groom, all the while keeping you garment spotless and without wrinkle and stay in intimate conversation with Me.
You will be glowing with My radiance on that day.
The day of the marriage and supper of the Lamb.
I can already see you and you are so beautiful to Me.
There is nothing in all of creation that I desire more than you!

What is it that will make you glow?
Of course it is the oil of My Spirit.
When I light you up, I burn away all of the impurities of this world out of you.
That is why you must be refilled constantly so you can burn for Me.
The fire in the Spirit and in the natural will burn during this season. The Spirit will always precede the natural and that is to make you ready for what is about to happen in the natural.
Otherwise you would be unprepared for the fiery devastation and destruction you will see with your natural eyes. I am giving you Spiritual eyes so that you may see the way I see. For just as in the Spirit, this world is burned out of you and so will the natural be allowed to be burned.

You My remnant bride, know that I am always about redeeming that which is lost. That’s why I gave Myself on the cross as a sacrifice for all. There will be many that come to Me because of the fiery destruction that would never come to Me any other way. You have come to Me because of My love and compassion and that is how you will pull many from the fire. You will have strength and courage that supersedes anything you have known up to this point. Do not look back upon the former things, because they will pale in comparison to what I will do through you in the coming days. It will truly defy your imagination.

Have faith in Me not yourselves!

Even the stories from the Bible, though incredible and supernatural, they will be surpassed in number and magnitude.

Think of what I am saying here!

The Moses parting of the Red Sea, Elijah defeating the prophets of Baal, Joshua defeating Jericho as the walls fell into the ground, healings, creative miracles, resurrections from the dead, multiplications of food, ma​nna appearing,​ ​ chains falling off, protection from death, translation and divine transportation, even invisibility to the enemy. etc. etc. etc.




Your groom Jesus



The Fall will be the Beginning of the Fall

The Fall will be the Beginning of the Fall




Received 8-1-16 thru 8-3-16


My precious, holy, chosen sons and daughters;
I must speak to you again of the time and season that you are in.
You must be prepared now and come to Me to be your shelter for this storm. It is deceiving most, they won’t even stop looking at their phones, computers, games and TVs long enough to notice what is actually taking place.
Did I not say to look up, lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near?
Sadly most have never heard of this verse. Very few know My word even in “Christian” countries though most have a bible in their home and many have more than one. Many of My faithful ones long to read just one verse. There are those that think this world is not a bad place to be, there are even some that think your world is better than it ever has been. This is why I must allow the enemy to steal, kill and destroy more than ever before by withdrawing My hand of protection. This is taking place even now. If I do not allow these catastrophes and cataclysms to occur almost all, except for My remnant, would be lost for eternity. Please understand that the amount of souls that I AM speaking of is in the billions.
Each one of you must come to Me in worship, praise, prayer, humbleness and repentance every day and throughout the day. It is Not a suggestion, it is a necessity and if you do not do as I say, you WILL NOT make it through this coming time of complete darkness. I will no longer allow those of you who love the things of this world to straddle the fence, with one foot in the world and one in My kingdom.
I AM removing the fence!
One side has lush green pastures with shade trees that you can rest under and I keep all the wolves, lions and snakes out. The other is a deep, dark, fiery,  abyss and those who get too close to the edge will fall over into it because I Am shaking EVERYTHING that can be shaken. For those who fall over the edge I AM still merciful, if they cry out My name, Jesus.

Come to Me now My beloved ones and sit with me, just Me and you, nothing and no one else. Do not be afraid. I will never reject or condemn anyone who comes to Me with all of their heart. Come as you are and I will cleanse all of your sins and pour My life within you. I will pour My liquid love and glory into you. I promise that if you do this, you will feel My presence, it feels like a warm, tingling sensation all over your body. I will also give you rest, strength and peace in your mind. These things that I give, the enemy cannot take away unless you allow him to but he will try. Submit yourselves to Me, resist the devil and he will flee from you. This is the way that your armor is put on, spending one on one time with Me. It is so much easier to resist the evil ones if you have your armor on, and if My words, the sword of the spirit, is in your heart and on your lips. Ask of me to fill you completely with My Holy Spirit and baptize you in it. Just yield to Me and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit so you may have Me inside and out. I will also baptize you with My consuming fire to burn from you everything that is of this world. That you may be able to hold more of My Spirit. I will give you My perfect prayer language so that you will be able to commune with Me unhindered by your mind or by the enemy. Be filled continually as we fellowship with one another throughout the entire day because I AM always there.
Oh how I desire this from you!
It is all that you can give Me!
I Am in need of NOTHING!
Trust Me.
If you give yourself completely to Me I will speak to you. I will whisper secrets to you and tell you specific instructions for your life regarding the days to come. The day is coming soon when the enemy will have his evil followers shut down every website that speaks My true word. Pay close attention and use the discernment that I have given you, for they will leave some “religious websites” running. These are the ones that include every religious belief, except for the belief that I AM the way, the truth and the life and that No One comes to the Father but by Me.
You need to learn to hear My voice now more than ever, because soon you will not be able to ask My will from My apostles, prophets, teachers and preachers. Come to Me with a humble and broken heart and I will speak. I am close to the brokenhearted but I resist the proud and arrogant, these My angels will cut down and cast into the fire.
You need to get your own specific instructions from Me, this is what will be necessary for your survival and the salvation of the billions of guests you will bring to My banquet, Our wedding feast. Just be open and willing and I will speak to you plainly, but I will not give you every last detail. You must walk some of the ways by faith, some by the anointing and then My glory will come. When My glory comes, your job will be easy, no faith or strength will be required. I will do it ALL!

Now for what is immediately ahead of you. I know many of you have questions because there are so many different voices saying very different things. Some hear from Me, some hear from the fallen ones, and some even make things up in their own heads. I will leave you with this:
The Fall will be the beginning of the fall of this world into utter darkness and chaos. Something will occur that will change everything that follows it. The Fall is NOT the end, it is the beginning of the end of this age. Pray that the devastation will be lessened, that lives would be saved and that there would be a great harvest of souls for My kingdom. I will counteract the movement of the enemy with a greater outpouring of My Spirit and more is available to you even now! As this world grows darker, the outpouring of My Spirit will grow ever more powerful and you will become ever brighter until your final transformation into glory.
Remember that I have said that time of tribulation will be cut short for the sake of the elect. The elect are not appointed to My wrath. Through many fiery trials and tribulations you shall enter into My Kingdom.
Draw close to Me and remember all of My promises.
I AM with you even to the end of the age.

The one who loves you like no other!





This what the Lord has said to me:

“My son write these words for those with spiritual ears and eyes to see the times in which you live.

Have you ever tried to wake up a drunkard? They might move a bit and even talk to you incoherently but inevitably they go back to sleep till they sober up.


I AM will be the one that wakes the people of America up! I will take away the wine of her fornication (money, prosperity, material wealth) and I will shake this country awake! (earthquakes, nuclear bombs) This country will once again know that I AM is the Almighty one. I created this country to be a safe haven for all of my people but it is no longer doing as I intended it. Oh how they mock Me, kill my precious babes in the womb and say that the name of My only begotten Son Jesus should not be spoken unless uttered as a curse word. The truth is that the demons that control these so-called leaders of your country tremble at the very mention of the name of Jesus. They know that their time is very short and they are going to give Me their best shot. I laugh at them! They are no match for Me! They not even any match for My angels! They are not are not even any match for My people who are washed in the blood of Jesus, empowered by My Holy Spirit and have the authority of the name of Jesus. The enemy cannot defeat you, unless he has something in you, some pet habit or sin that you love more than Me. He can try to make you fear him but it is a lie for I have already defeated him. Victory is yours so take it!

Put off the drunkenness of this world and I will not have to judge you. Be filled with the new wine of My Spirit to overflowing! Remember I prefer mercy over judgment, there is still a little more time to turn to Me but surely I come quickly and My rewards are with Me to give to every man what he has earned. Soon shall be the beginning of many catastrophes and martial law in America . The leader you have now (Obama) will be your last. My Holy Spirit will be poured out like never before in My people so that the last harvest can be brought in. My Holy Spirit wind will come rushing into this land and give you your second wind so you can finish the race strong! EXPECT MY MOVE VERY SOON! DO NOT FEAR!







Be Ready for the Things that I Have Told You Will Take Place Suddenly, Without Notice


Watch video here:–yhbGC2Gw


Received 12-27-20 starting at midnight through 11:22 AM

During this time that men celebrated My supposed birthday did you seek Me or did you just do what you’ve always done? There are those that celebrated My first coming with a pure heart but they are very few in number. I am letting it be known that I never told anyone to celebrate the day of my birth. Why do you think that Christmas is celebrated  by more people than any other holiday in this world? Just because men mention christ do not assume they are speaking of Me. It is not to honor Me, Jesus, Yeshua. It is because it is the celebration of antichrist, the one that the whole world loves because the spirit of antichrist rules your world. You say, “NO! That couldn’t be!”, but I ask you now after you have had your supposed celebration of My birth, have you even thought about Me since?

I know the answer of each one of you, you cannot hide it from Me. Most of the answers are no. I want you to know that this grieves My heart. Most do not think of Me because they do not know Me and they do not even want to know Me. Most have not My Spirit but know Me only by name and the knowledge of a book and the traditions and religious doctrines of men, demons and of the fallen ones.  On the outside they look righteous, holy and pious but their hearts are full of evil, wicked abominations and blasphemies. My blood never reached their hearts because they never let me in. They think that they are good if they believe with their minds that I exist.  They have not read and understood My word that says even the demons believe and they tremble because they know that I am coming to destroy them. They think they are good  but I have said there is none good, no not even one. Your righteousness is as filthy, putrid, rotting rags and there is no cleansing them except for with My blood. Most of the world thinks they have no need for Me but they are oh so wrong. On Judgement Day each one of you will be screaming out My name. Everyone will realize that I AM the only Savior then. They will be begging and pleading for Me to have mercy on them but I will have to say I don’t know you. Absolute terror will grip their hearts and will never let go when they see the plight of their eternal fate. Then those will be cast into the fire and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. The fire will not be quenched and neither will the tormenting thoughts of fear and dread and hopelessness because they rejected the only begotten Son of God when His Spirit came to them.

There is still time, though very little, if you would repent of your sins and receive My sacrifice this day and turn from your wicked ways and follow My ways and commandments. My blood must be applied to a broken and contrite heart or it will not penetrate to the depths of one’s spirit. If it does then I will wash you and cleanse you with My blood and I will put a new Spirit in you, My Spirit, and give you life where you only had death before. Then I will give you a heart of flesh instead of stone and you will know My ways and you will follow them because they will be written on your heart. You will rejoice and say, “I am a new creation, the old is gone and I am reconciled and made pure and holy and spotless by the blood of the Lamb!” You will receive My spirit and shall walk by it, for it is the power that raised Me from the dead and by that power you shall go forth into the world and be My witnesses. You shall not be lead astray for you shall hear the whisper of My Spirit telling you to go to the right or left if you have sought Me with all of your heart. You may stumble and veer  from My path from time to time but you will not be utterly lost if you repent continuously and ask My Spirit to lead you back. Do not grieve or ignore the voice of My Spirit because some have listened to deceiving spirits and have been lost. This is more prevalent today than ever because most do not know My word but only false teachings and doctrines. Study My written word, it will guide you when you question what you hear. I will never tell you anything that goes against My commandments in the written word and My Spirit will lead you to understand it rightly and He will bear witness to it. Do not add or subtract anything from My words.

Be ready for the things that I have told you will take place suddenly, without notice. There will be no excuse because I have warned you over and over and over again. Yet there are so many that have let My warnings go unheeded saying they are far off still. They mock and scoff and say, “The prophets did not hear right, we have more time.” I tell you that all those who say this will be caught unaware for I will send a snare to catch them. I will not be mocked! Whatever a man has sown he will also reap. I tell you the time of judgment has come to this world and My wrath shall follow. The time of separation has come there will be no more mixture of good and evil. There will be only black or white, no gray. There will be only wheat or tares, sheep or goats, the fruit of the trees will be plainly seen, you will have oil or you will be in need of it. Soon comes the day when I say, (Rev. 22:11)”He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still.” In that day there will be no more time but today I say, (Rev.22:12)“And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.”

There are also some of you who know Me that I must warn. You have taken your eyes off of Me and you have put them on the events and circumstances of this world. You say, “This event must happen and then this other event and etc. etc. etc…” You have lost your focus on Me and you are not ready either. I have not given all of the details of everything that is to come. I have given My messengers certain events so that My children are not blindsided when they occur and that they might be ready and fully dressed for battle with the enemy. Things will not go totally as any man, including the one giving this message, has said because not all has been revealed. You should have been seeking Me, talking to Me and spending time in My presence and not seeking out worldly information of dates, numbers, signs, days, times, seasons, objects, symbols, people and places and things… You should have spent this time with Me! Then you would be ready and have what you need during this time. Yet you are not ready and the bridegroom is at the door! You beg Me to come and “Rapture” you, yet if it were time for that I would not be able to take you! You do not understand that when I come there will be no time to get ready. You must ready yourselves now! The enemy is coming like a flood of darkness, wickedness and every evil thing with all of the power that he has left because he knows his time is short and you are no match for him, unless you are empowered by My Spirit. DO NOT DECEIVE YOURSELVES! Most of even the very elect are not ready for what comes and there is now no delay.

So, I say this day seek to fill yourself with My Spirit more than anything else and YOU WILL BE! I will give you the power to overcome but you must lock yourself in with Me. You must be My prisoner so that you are freed from the chains and shackles of this world. You must know Me deeper than ever before and I will ready you. The great anointing and transformation will only come upon those who know Me intimately. I have a great work to be done in this time of harvest and I want you to help Me, so that you can receive the reward I have for you. It is better than you have ever dreamed! But I will not force you to do anything for Me even though it’s the best possible outcome for you. I ask you, would you please spend time with Me this day and everyday hence? I long for you! Come to Me, My fair one and I will give you peace and rest. I will speak to you and you will know if you are ready because I will tell you Myself.



Jesus the Christ

King of kings and Lord of lords



Author  Jeff Byerly

Posted on  December 27, 2020

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2020 Review and What Will be Done in 2021



Jeff Byerly 1 january 2021


The world has proclaimed the year 2021 to be the year of the dragon
but for my true church who takes a stand against the beast and his system
I will anoint and strenghten and heal and provide and protect you like never before
many shall be taken home and you shall enter into my rest and see my face

Those who I have called to be part of the great harvest shall be tried in the fire
but shall not be burned the lion shall roar but those who walk in my power shall
know that he has no teeth and shall chase him with my sword in my power and strenght
I am the lion of the tribe of Judah. Judah sings my praise in the face of the enemy and
they shall be victorious in my name Jesus the Christ


Yahushua Hamashiach

Soon the Dark Winter Shall Pass and the Radiance and Warmth of Spring Shall be Upon My People


Received December 17 through December 20, 2020

Released Monday, December 21, 2020, at 5:02 A.M. EST

Watch video here:

I hear My people ask, “When? When? When?”
I say to them “Now! Now! Now!”
I hear My people say, “We cannot bear to wait any longer, we are losing strength.”
I say to them, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

I hear My people ask, “Why must we go through these tests and trials?”
I say to them, “Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you; but rejoice to the extent that you partake in My sufferings, that when the shining radiance of My glory is revealed, you may also be glad with joy unspeakable and you shall be filled with My glory and shine with My radiance.”
My people ask, “Why can we not see your deliverance? Why can we not hear the joyous songs of the wedding celebration?”
I say to them, “This is not yet time for these things.”
Have you not eyes to see and ears to hear?
The Babylonian world has made you blind and deaf. I say come out of her My people lest you partake in her plagues and judgments.
Repent of your sins, and purify your hearts before Me or you shall go through the fires of great tribulation, unlike anything the world has ever seen or will see. In that day it shall come to pass that all who call upon the Lord, even in their dying breath, shall be saved.
Seek Me now like never before and I will give you discernment, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Stop running to and fro, to this one and to that. I long to speak to you Myself, not through the lips of another. Will you not draw nigh unto Me so that I can whisper with My still small voice the things that you have been longing to hear from Me? I long for you all to come closer to Me in our secret place. Lay down all of the burdens of this world, leave them outside the door and enter in with Me. There you will find what you long for, I will satisfy your spirit and soul and very soon I will strengthen and heal even your physical bodies and you shall go forth and proclaim the gospel by the power of My Spirit with signs and wonders and miracles like never before seen on the earth.

Most of you have heard that the evil men of your world have predicted a dark winter. In the physical realm you are entering it even now. I say to you, fear not neither be dismayed for My Spirit is within you wherever you go. I will never leave you, unless you want Me to. Many of you will experience a restriction of your travel in the time ahead and it will be difficult for you to move from place to place, so I say get your physical house in order and stock up on the supplies that you may need if you can because it is wise. I will provide for those that cannot store ahead and they will have to live every day by faith in My provision. Do not take the test or inoculation for the man made pestilence, it is poison and the promises of the wicked men, demons and fallen angels who promote it will never come to pass. Have faith in Me that I will do what I say if you believe My words with all of your heart. I shall deliver you from the noisome pestilence, the pestilence that walks in darkness, neither shall any plague come nigh your dwelling. If you allow them to inject their poison into you, I will remove My protective hand from you. If they forcibly inject you, pray to Me and I shall take the evil effects away from you.

I say to you all though, spend the extra time that you will have hidden away with Me in the secret place. There you will be strengthened by My Spirit and be ready for the the season that is coming. The winds of winter shall drive the rain and snow and many shall give up hope but My people shall find there hope in Me. I will not take these times of darkness away but I will be with you through them all. There will be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning. I am the Sun of the morning, the bright and morning star and I come with healing in My wings to all who fear My name. But to the wicked I shall come as a consuming fire, I shall tear down, destroy and burn them and they shall be ashes under the feet of the righteous, who love Me and keep My (10) commandments. Soon the dark winter shall pass and the radiance and warmth of spring shall be upon My people. Then you will say, “The season has changed, the bondage of your barren winter has ended, and the season of hiding is over and gone.” I now say, “Arise, my love, my beautiful companion, and run with me to the higher place. For now is the time to arise and come away with Me.” The people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

Take this time to get to know Me better!
The time is Now! Now! Now!

Jesus The Christ
Yeshua Ha Mashiach

Scriptures used:
Isaiah 40
1 Peter 4
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Isaiah 42, 43
Revelation 18
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War is at the Door but I give You My Peace and Rest



My children, I have some questions for you.

What is more important to you, that you know a date of one of the events that I have told you about or that you spend intimate time with Me? Which of these are you spending more time on?

I tell you the truth, if many of you took the time that you are using to research end-times dates and even prophecies and spent it alone with Me in our secret place, your spirit would be ready for the trials and testings when they come. I tell you the truth and I cannot lie, most of you are not ready for the things that are coming. I have told you over and over that without Me strengthening you though the coming time of darkness, with My light, you will not make it. I tell you the truth, the darkness is prevailing over the earth and you need to be with Me in My light. For the darkness of the abyss will try to devour everything, this is the great falling away. (2 Thessalonians 2:2-4) Do not make the mistake of thinking that you cannot fall, because in your own power you will stumble and fall. Those that are righteous, holy ones may fall many times but they rise again by My strength, the wicked shall stumble and fall and be destroyed.(Proverbs 24:16-17)  Those who humble themselves before Me will be lifted up in due time and the time is coming quickly. (1 Peter 5:6) I will place you on the rock and give you secure footing (Psalm 40:2) Only those that are on the rock, which is Me, will be left standing. For once again I will shake both the heavens and the earth, what can be shaken will be removed and what remains will be transformed from glory to glory. (Hebrews 12:26-27)

Stop striving for knowledge of worldly things, news and events. Yes it is true that My people perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6) but it is My Spirit that gives you true knowledge and wisdom. And yes it is true that you must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16) but you must not receive the wisdom from the serpents but from the One who descends upon you as a dove. Have I not warned you countless times about the days in which you live? I in no way call you to be ignorant, in fact I tell those that are close to Me of things to come. I have sent forth many prophets, teachers and watchmen. I have given you signs and events to watch for but this must not be your primary focus. There are some of you that are even reading My warning messages as a form entertainment or a date guessing game. This is unacceptable and you must repent of this! Hollywood movies have captured many aspects of what is coming but I assure you that it will be much worse when you see it in person. My desire is for all of you to experience as little tribulation as possible but if you need purification from sin I will allow you to go through great tribulation in My mercy with the hope that you will repent and avoid the lake of fire. I do not desire that any whom I died for go there.

Your eyes must be constantly on Me to see when I am moving and you must be full of My Spirit to feel My urgings and hear My instructions. Clear your mind of all the chaos of the world around you so that you may hear My voice ever more clearly. This is what you must strive for! Beloveds, I want you to qualify to be one of My transformed end times harvesters. Here are the requirements, most will not qualify. You must be chosen, for many are called but few are chosen to be My royal priesthood an elect and holy nation that I have purchased, ransomed and redeemed them from the earth. (Matthew 20:16, Matthew 22:14, 1 Peter 2:9, Revelation 17:14) They are pure and undefiled and there is no form of sexual sin among them,  spiritual virgins, with no lies found on their lips. (Rev 14:4,5) They must be be pure and holy without spot or wrinkle or any such things (Ephesians 5:25-30)totally blameless, their garments are pure white from being washed in the blood of the Lamb (Isa 1:18, Rev 7:14 )They must be either part of the original olive tree of which I am the root or grafted in (Rom 11) and be spiritual Israel (Rom 9). They must have My mark upon their foreheads (Rev 7:2-4, Rev 14:1) They are totally obedient to Me, they follow My commandments, doing what I say to do and going where I say to go. (Rev 14:4, John 14:15, 1 Peter 1:2) These are the Firstfruits taken from the earth (Romans 8:23, James 1:17-18, Revelation 14:4) and these 144000 will sing a new song that nobody else can learn. (Revelation 14:3)  These are they who have put off mortal clothing and have put on the immortal, and have confessed the name of God. (2 Esdras 2:42-48)

Ready yourselves! Buy from Me the pure oil so that you lamps burn continually. (Leviticus 24:2, Matthew 25:1-13) Do this by spending time with Me and resting in Me and enjoying our fellowship. This is not a hard thing I ask you to do. I am the one who pulls the yoke and carries the burden if you allow Me to. It is too heavy for you to move anyways that is why most of you feel like you are completely worn out and exhausted. This is where I want you to be! Give up and let Me do the work through you. You cannot save those around you but I can and I will use you as an extension of Myself. I am the head and you are the body so stop overthinking everything and leave that to Me. Come to Me All who labor in the flesh and heavy ladened by the cares of this world for I will give you peace and rest.(Matthew 11:28-30) I will give you living water to drink and you will thirst no more.(John 4:9-15) Soon you will be given fresh wineskins and filled with the new wine of My Spirit and you will hold more than you do now.(Matthew 9:17)

I have warned you before war is at the door but I give you My peace and rest. Take this last bit of societal normalcy, if you have if where you live, put away all distractions and enter into the secret place with Me now more than ever. Your world is shifting and will shift even more in the near future. Everything will change in a moment and there will be no going back. Peace is being taken from the world but you are not of the world. Those who have My Spirit will have My knowing when the events that I have foretold take place.

Yield to Me by faith, trust Me, rest in Me and be at peace.

This is what I call all of you to do right now.

The Prince of Peace

Yahshua HaMashiach

Jesus Christ





Some Even Began to Idolize and Worship that Brazen Snake (Donald Trump) and Looked to Him More than Me


Watch video here:
or here:

Received 1-23 and 1-24-21

I see confusion among My people right now especially among My people that live in America. The reason this is happening is because you have listened to false prophets, preachers and teachers and you have not listened to My Holy Spirit. I am not the God of confusion but of order and peace. You have turned your eyes upon a man and taken them off of Me. You say that God has given us Trump and that is true but am I not also the God that takes away when He sees fit? Oh, My children in America, how you have fallen since Trump has been your king! You have never truly repented! Oh, you said that I would bless your country because of him but just the opposite has happened. Look back now and consider how far you have fallen in the last 4 years!

Are your eyes too blind to see and are your ears too deaf to hear? If so you have fallen for the Satanic deception that came with Donald Trump. Did he not quote the poem that says, “You knew I was a snake when you took me in?” It is the truth! Just look at his fruit, do not make excuses for him, really look! I liken him to the brass serpent that Moses raised up on a pole on which to look and be healed. (see Numbers 21) For the children of Israel became impatient and spoke against Me so I sent serpents to bite them.  These are the same serpents that lie in wait on the side of the road to bite the horse’s heals and make the rider fall off backward. (See Genesis 49:7) Children, I gave you your chance to be healed but you did not repent or look to My Son Yeshua to be healed from the venomous bite of sin. (see John 3:14-15) But some even began to idolize and to worship that brazen snake and looked to him more than Me. I could find no one righteous as Hezekiah among your leaders though because America has given herself to wickedness and abominations of every kind. So I had those even more evil than Trump tear him down. (See 2 Kings 18) I have said pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. Was there ever any more prideful than he? America is mystery Babylon and Babylon the great and Sodom and Gomorrah and Egypt. Her fall will come in one hour by fire and the whole earth will see the smoke of her burning and they will marvel and be astonished. Many will repent and return to Me when they see it with their very own eyes.

I gave many of My true prophets, watchmen and messengers warnings about this over and over and over but most of you did not want to hear. You wanted to hear how great America will be again and how she would prosper ever more but that will never be. It has all been a lie! I am the only one who could ever make America great again but she has rejected Me. Babylon, I would that you would turn to Me and be healed and saved but you would not! Your hearts were tested these last 4 years and most of you have failed the test. Now comes the fire of tribulation. It will purify your hearts and remove all of the impurities so that I can see Myself in you like silver and gold refined in the fire 7 times. All that cannot be purified will be consumed by the fire. It will not be easy but if you surrender all to Me, I will cleanse you and I will strengthen you by My Spirit. You must repent of your wicked ways! This is what I require. You must seek Me with all of your heart and look to Me and not a man. To help you do this I have given your country over to even more evil than there was before, to more evil than has ever been. Do not misunderstand, this is because of My mercy! I wish that none would perish not even one! Most in this country are on the path that leads to perdition and I want that to change. So I bring tribulation, persecution, famine, pestilence, calamity and destruction. Will you not repent and cry out to Me when you see these things?

Do not think that the one that was falsely elected is the one who is in charge. No, do not believe it for one second! Joe Biden is king in name only he is not one of the kings listed in Revelation 17:10-11. The evil one who I’ve told you about many times, Barack Hussein Obama is the sixth and eighth king. He has never left but has been there behind the scenes this entire time. He remains hidden for just a little while longer but he is now in full control. He is the puppet master because his father Satan empowers him. He controlled Donald Trump to a certain degree but he tells Joe Biden every move to make and he obeys. Soon Satan will resurrect and perfectly possess him and he will look like the savior that the world has waited for. The people will demand his return and his rise will be complete. He will return to rule America and then the world.

Yes, the American Naval carriers will burn and most will sink and the fiery kickoff event will still occur though not as most of you expected. They will use these events to cause world war, civil war and anarchy across the land of America. America’s economy will completely crumble and the dollar will be worth nothing, then the beast system shall come into place. No one shall buy or sell without the mark. It is now very close but not yet. Obama will behead millions upon millions for not taking his mark during the fifth seal. All of the things that I have told you will happen and are not canceled but you did not understand how they would come to pass. Now you have more understanding.

Now what will you do with this understanding? Will you continue to seek after the man that I have allowed to fall? I have told you Donald Trump is the main Fall Guy. He is an integral part of the wicked plans of the evil ones that rule this world. There are those that say that Trump shall return to his former authority, he will not but they will still use him in their Satanic script. I allow the deception to continue to go forth because I am continuing to test men’s hearts. Do not allow yourself any longer to be deceived. Ask yourself this, if I allowed Trump to return would you seek Me more or less? I know the answer because I know all, but do you know what your answer truly is?

Be honest and seek Me with all of your heart and you will find Me. Are you tired of eating the garbage that the enemy gives you from his table? Arise and return to your Father! I will take you back and clean you and put My best robe upon your back and put a ring of gold on your finger and sandals on your feet and kill the fattened calf to eat in celebration! I will rejoice because My sons and daughters have returned! (See Luke 15:11-32)

I love you all with an everlasting love but you must return to Me now!

Today is the day of salvation, I never promised you tomorrow.

I AM your Father and I continue to wait, for I am long suffering but I am not forever suffering.

Time is short!

Soon time will be no more!

Please watch this interview of Obama by Steven Colbert
starting at the 6 min mark


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Author Jeff Byerly

Posted on January 24, 2021




Prophetic Words From Jesus Christ

Revealed to Jeff Byerly

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