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Anno Mundi (afkorting van het Latijnse ab creatione mundi; "in het jaar van de wereld" of "sinds de schepping van de wereld"), afgekort AM of A.M., is het begin van de jaartelling die telt vanaf het moment van de Bijbelse schepping van de wereld.


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11Q Sefer ha-Milhamah
Date: 20–50 ce, Herodian Period
Language: Hebrew

The Book of War details an apocalyptic 40-year battle between the forces of good and evil. This fragment preserves a blessing to be recited by the leader of the surviving community upon their victory in the final battle, at the end of time: “God Most High will bless you and shine his face upon you, and he will open for you his rich storehouse in the heavens.” God and his holy angels will bestow abundance and fertility upon the holy congregation, and protect them from plagues and wild animals.




The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness




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Alternative Titles: “Megillat Milḥamat B’ne”, “Megillat Milḥamat Beb’ne Ḥoshekh”, “War Rule”, “War Scroll”


The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness, Hebrew Megillat Milḥamat B’ne, or Beb’ne Ḥoshekh, also called War Rule, or War Scroll, a Dead Sea Scroll, and one of the most important documents of the Essene sect of Jews that established a community at Qumrān in the Judaean desert during the first half of the 2nd century BC (Before Christ). The Essenes thought themselves to be the holy elect of Israel, the Sons of Light, who would at the end of time engage in a catastrophic war with the enemies of Israel, the Sons of Darkness.


The War Rule, discovered in Cave I of Qumrān in 1947, is a manual for military organization and strategy, including detailed specifications for battle gear and signals. It is also a theological discourse that develops the doctrine of the spirits of truth and perversity mentioned in the sect’s Manual of Discipline. The scroll’s apocalyptic portrayal of a 40-year “holy war” between the forces of good and evil involves heavenly as well as earthly soldiers. The elect of Israel are joined by an angelic host, while the devil and the evil angels fight alongside other nations of the Earth. The victory of the forces of light was to signal the final destruction of evil, after which the God of Israel would rule eternally in justice.


Source: War scroll

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