I who shall not be legally named template

I, who shall not be with LEGAL name hereby proclaim to all with unclean hands;


Be it now known that all words/spellings upon/within this document shall be of my will and intent only, without assumption/presumption on/of/by/for any/all concerned where my free will choice shall never be trespassed where my intent is my intent and no other’s;

Whereas a great fraud has been revealed and is laid bare where unclean hands are now in the light for all to see where any/all with unclean hands must judge only self, toto genere;

Whereas non-disclosure has intent to defraud in that act, any/all contracts of body, mind, soul are null and void, nunc pro tunc, praeterea, praeterea, praeterea ab initio, ad infinitum in this willful intent to commit fraud by omission and/or commission where others and all are concerned and;

Whereas threat of force perceived or real is proof of intent inasmuch as aiding and abetting in this fraud and where assumption and presumption is concerned, thus destroyed and whereby one is known by their actions of that/their willful intent either knowingly or in ignorance of the Divine laws under which all stand and;

Whereas all signatures, contracts, assumptions, presumptions etc. et al are rendered null and void ab initio inasmuch as all are in contempt/fraud where the CROWN owned and COPYRIGHT name/s

(insert all the relevant NAMES you have/have had a spiritual contract with, then REMOVE this notice.)


Whereas the intent to commit fraud via deceptions/deceptios and willful non-disclosure of truths where intent to enslave all humanity/mankind by church/state in this intent is exposed fully whereby one's actions make one known and;

Whereas all names registered are, in fact, property of the CROWN/VATICAN, all matters pertaining to such names registered and the use thereof render all parties fraudulent/in contempt via willful intent to deceive and/or ignorance of use where all matters of church/state remain matters of church/state where use of the name/s registered are concerned and where/when third party interloping is evident by my use or anyone's use of stated registered names and;

Whereas it is not my intent to commit fraud or any contemptible/contempt able acts, it is also my equal intent to never aid and abet any other living soul via willfully knowing or ignorance on/in their/my part  and any use of or claim made using the aforementioned name/s will render such attempt an act of fraud by willful commission and;

Whereas any/all use of church/state identification based upon these/all CROWN COPYRIGHT name/s or any variation/s thereof render/s the user in fraud absolute via their ignorance and by omission of disclosure of/by church/state and;


Whereas any/all claims made by any/all parties/agents/living souls upon another willfully or in ignorance to do so is guilty of fraud in that action by commission and/or omission of bearing false witness and is in contempt of church/state/self and is willfully aiding and abetting fraudulent deception/deceptios whereupon judgment is rendered upon any/all agents of church/state/self by the very action of claiming via CROWN COPYRIGHT fraud and;

Inasmuch as intent (spirit) must be proven where all are concerned, it is now incumbent upon the church/state that the willful intent to commit fraud ab initio is without intent to do so. With prior knowledge, the agents/clergy/BAR members/all bound by oaths etc. et al to/of/for/by/with church/state did/do willfully deceive humanity and is, by the actions of all bound to church/state by oaths sworn/taken/given judged by/of/in all acts of harm upon any/all harmed and;

Whereas fraudulent intent of all bound to church/state entities/Id-entities/living souls/principalities is visible via omission and/or commission by the actions of harm/intent to harm of/for/by all beings using a NAME in fraud ab initio, all claims made/ coerced/assumed/presumed etc. et al are, in fact fraudulent at source of/for/by all claiming any/all legal NAME(S)/fictional id-entities/titles etc. et al and/or thus any/all forms/aliases and are of/by/for the criminal intent to do so using the intellectual property of another living soul/spirit or dead fictional entity where I am toto genere, spirit, mind, body and;

Furthermore, to engage in such intently destructive acts of harm/deception/theft/coercion etc. et al against another via any/all means is shown by one’s actions and need never be judged whereby the act is the judge in/of itself, judge not lest ye be judged where assumption/presumption cannot/does not/will not exist after the act itself and;

Furthermore, any/all REGISTRATION/REGISTERING/REGISTER by omission and/or commission where full disclosure is not evident, the intent of church/state/any/all claiming such association/joinder by means of willful oaths, signatures (cursive), titles, etc. et al are, in fact, willful acts of pre-determined fraud knowingly or unknowingly where wrongful obligation(s)/curse(s) has/is/was the intent where obligation(s) is/are re-placed back upon those who knowingly and/or in ignorance of their fraud do so ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc, praeterea, praeterea, praeterea and;

Furthermore, it is/was never my intent to willfully use the property of another whereas any/all things REGISTER-ED are, in fact, claimed to be such intellectual property of another, namely church/state/CROWN where my Mother and Father (deceased) (if you're parents are NOT deceased, then delete “(deceased)” or adjust accordingly and REMOVE this notice.) , unknowingly were, in ignorance, aided and abetted of their consent into such church/state contracts, be they all forms physical (phi-psi-cull)/spiritual/mental and;

Furthermore, I place the onus (own-us) back upon/re-turn to any/all beings by virtue of their oaths etc. et al and self-judged in their acts, any/all obligations created by any/all contracts where all contracts entered into based on this fraud/original sin/intent to de-fraud are nullified/null and void ab initio, ad infinitum nunc pro tunc and;


Furthermore, all obligations upon myself created via this fraud are void inasmuch as the perceived/assumed/presumed gift, without consideration of any all NAME(S) is concerned in that a BOND/DEBT was/is/has been created in the form of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE with an assigned DEBT, not value, where I was assumed/presumed to be that value without/void of my willful consent where it was/is/has been the willful intent of/by/for all parties initiating such acts of obligation upon this, their DEBT and;

Whereas intent is clearly visible by any/all who engage in acts of commerce (Whore of Babylon) using the NAME (mark of the beast) is/was/has been/will be acting in fraud and creating harm/cannibalism against their fellow humans/beings since all fiat currency is based upon aforementioned BONDS and is guilty of human being trafficking of the highest order and in defiance of creation where consumption ensues and;

Whereas the willful intent from any/all willful associates/members/oathed beings of church/state/CROWN is evidentiary proof of/by/for any/all acts perpetrated against another where any/all REGISTERED NAMES are concerned inasmuch as non-disclosure by aforementioned was never given/offered where aiding and abetting in fraud is the intent and where any/all aforementioned have unclean hands accordingly and;

Whereas any/all REGISTERED “things/possessions” are, in fact, property of the church/court/state/CROWN (copyright) where any claim made by any/all not oathed to the aforementioned are matters of church/court/state/CROWN inasmuch as willful trespass and enticement into slavery via third party interloping into such matters that do not concern me, the one who shall not be of NAME where my own customary calling is mine and shall never be given and;

Furthermore, by means of this BIRTH CERTIFICATE (long form/short form) deception/non-disclosure/willful act of fraud, the only DOCUMENT(S) ever willfully given as proof of intent to commit fraud/aid and abet fraud by/of/for church/court/state/CROWN etc. et al and all oathed/bonded to willfully to such titles/fictions/corporations where the claim is also made that the aforementioned take on the role of perceived parens patriea (embodiment of state) and have/are, in fact, kidnapped/abused/harmed any/all who have been fraudulently claimed to be a “ward of admiralty” where the Mother is fiduciary, Father is beneficiary ab initio and;

Whereas the rites of both Mother/Father have been stolen via non-disclosure and willful intent as proofed by actions of those, by oath/willful application(s) any/all claiming to be of/for/by church/court/state/CROWN in the form of BIRTH CERTIFICATE(S)/license’s/marriages/FAMILY NAME(S)/taxes/registrations etc. et al ab initio therefore;


Is it the/your willful intent of this/you of/for/by/in church/court/state/CROWN etc. et al beings living/dead fictions to coerce, by force or deceptive means, to have me incriminate myself where I am in full knowledge of this dual fraud where willful intent to do so makes me/you guilty ab initio by claiming to own/be something that is/was/has never been mine/yours to be/claim?;


Is it your ( by oath entity) intent to aid and abet the furtherance of this fraud/cannibalism/child kidnapping/human trafficking/theft etc. et al via fictitious ACTS/LEGISLATION  etc. et al by/of/for dead entities by/for/of dead entities (dead carrying out the dead) where I am one of the living versus a fictional dead entity created by/for/of the church/court/state/CROWN by enticing me via force/coercion/deception to be a surety for the church/state/court/CROWN created debt(s)?;

Whereas any/all fraud by virtue of its intent and creation remains as such, regardless of length of time taken for such any/all frauds to be exposed, all contracts are null and void upon its discovery where a fraud revealed is, in fact, null and void, ab initio, nunc pro tunc where all energies stolen in any/all forms shall be re-turned where the intent to commit fraud against me has been/is/will be with INTENT;

It is not/has never been/never will be my intent to willfully and knowingly commit fraud where mis-takes in ignorance by commission and/or omission are pre-sent and where any/all acts of mine are not in contempt(with temptation) of anyone/anything where any being choosing willfully to contempt me is now with intent to do so. All contracts/documents/signatures/agreements etc. et al are now null and void where any/all DEBT created by church/state/court/CROWN is forgiven/re-turned from whence it was created (forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors) where I am the non-contracting living with the debt BOND id-entity that is the property/responsibility (re-spawns-ability) of that/those which created it;

It is furthermore the obligation of any/all oathed beings of/by/for the church/state/court/CROWN to return my energy/creations/life-force stolen via this original sin/intent to de-fraud my Mother and Father where they aided and abetted in my own fraud by means of deception/non-disclosure where your unclean hands are/have been concerned. I seek no vengeance, I offer no judgments and return the obligations of debts/forgiveness to those who would/have deceived me where a crime against all humanity has been/is being perpetrated with willful intent in the light for all to see;

By one’s actions one is known and in-stantly judged in/of/for/by such actions where the intent is laid bare for all to see in/of/by/for any/all such actions whereas all/any beings willfully by/for/of commission/omission are held and bound judged of themselves. Act accordingly, lest ye be judged in/of/for/by oneself/yourself fully toto genere.







Writing Complete, Grammatically Correct Sentences

There are four main problems that prevent people from writing complete, grammatically correct sentences. These problems include: (a) the sentence fragment; (b) the run-on sentence; (c) lack of subject-verb and pronoun-reference agreement; and (d) la ck of parallel structure.

Sentence Fragments

A fragment is a sentence which is not complete, and therefore not grammatically correct. Sentence fragments are problematic because they are disjointed and confusing to the reader. There are three main causes of fragments: (a) a missing subject; (b) a missing verb; (c) "danger" words which are not finished.

There are three ways to check for sentence completeness:

1. Find the subject. A subject is the noun or pronoun about which something is written. To find the subject of a sentence, identify who or what is doing the action. If there is no subject, the sentence is a fragment. Consider the two examples below.

"The student felt nervous before the speech."
"Thought about leaving the room."

The first sentence above is complete, because it contains both a subject and a verb. The subject of this sentence is the student. The sentence contains a subject which answers the question, "who or what felt nervous?" The second sentence is a fragment, because there is no identifiable subject. The sentence does not contain a subject which answers the question, "who or what thought about leaving?" To correct the second sentence, one could write: "He thought about leaving the room." Alternatively, on e could combine the two sentences to form one complete sentence: "The student felt nervous before the speech, and thought about leaving the room."

2. Find the verb. A verb is the action word in a sentence. Verbs express action, existence or occurrence. To find the verb in a sentence, identify what happened. If there is no identifiable action, the sentence is a fragment. Consider the two examples below.

"Many scientists, such as Einstein, think in strange ways."

"Many scientists think in strange ways. Einstein, for example."

This first example above has one complete sentence followed by a fragment. "Einstein, for example" is a fragment because there is no verb. "Einstein" serves as the subject (he is the one doing something), but the rest of the sentence does not express wh at action he is taking. The second example is a complete sentence. In this case, the sentence contains both a subject (scientists) and a verb (think). Alternatively, one could write the following: "Many scientists think in strange ways. Einstein, for example, could not tolerate more than one bar of soap in his home." In this case, there are two complete sentences. In the second sentence, the subject is Einstein and the verb is "could not tolerate."

3. Check for "danger" words. A danger word is one which introduces a thought that requires a follow-up phrase. Such words are sometimes called "cliff-hangers" because they begin a statement, but leave it "hanging" without a finish. Consider the phrases below.

"If you come home..."
"When the rain falls..."
"Because he is mean..."

The danger words in the sentences above are "if," "when" and "because." When these words are used at the beginning of a phrase, they require a follow-up phrase to conclude the thought.

Example: If you come home on time...then what?
Correct: If you come home on time, I will buy you a present.

Example: When it rains...what happens?
Correct: When it rains, the gutters become clogged.

Example: Because he is mean...what is the result?
Correct: Because he is mean, I will not take a class from him.

Danger words are helpful when writing sentences, but one must be sure to include a concluding phrase when these words are used.

Commonly used danger words include: after, unless, although, how, as if, when, because, where, before, while, if, until, once, so that, since, whether.

Run-on Sentences

A run-on sentence is one which actually contains two (or more) complete sentences without the proper punctuation to create separate sentences. There are two common forms of the run-on: (1) the "comma splice" in which a comma is inserted between two comp lete sentences where a period should actually be used; (2) a lack of punctuation where a semi-colon or period is needed.

Incorrect Examples - The Comma Splice

John is a musician, he plays the guitar for a living.
The girl walked home, she decided not to ride the bus.
He could only guess at the number of guests who attended the party, the entire yard was filled with people.

In each of the examples above, the two sentences are incorrectly joined by a comma, thus "splicing" two complete sentences together into one run-on sentence. To correct these run-on's, the comma should be replaced by a period, thus creating two separate sentences, as shown below.

Correct Examples

John is a musician. He plays the guitar for a living.
The girl walked home. She decided not to ride the bus.
He could only guess at the number of guests who attended the party. The entire yard was filled with people.

Incorrect Examples - Lack of Punctuation

There is a problem with the television however no one is available to fix it.
Nobody knows what really happened the policeman said there was a fight.
That is the problem when people have conflict they attack each other personally.

In each of the examples above, some type of punctuation is needed to separate the two parts of the sentence: either a semi-colon or a period.

Correct Examples

There is a problem with the television; however, no one is available to fix it.
There is a problem with the television. However, no one is available to fix it.

Nobody knows what really happened; the policeman said there was a fight.
Nobody knows what really happened. The policeman said there was a fight.

That is the problem when people have conflict; they attack each other personally.
That is the problem when people have conflict. They attack each other personally.

Subject-Verb Agreement

In order for a sentence to be grammatically correct, the subject and verb must both be singular or plural. In other words, the subject and verb must agree with one another in their tense. If the subject is in plural form, the verb should also be in plur al form (and vice versa). To ensure subject-verb agreement, identify the main subject and verb in the sentence, then check to see if they are both plural or singular. Consider the examples below.

Incorrect examples - Subject-Verb Agreement

"The group of students are complaining about grades."
The main subject in this sentence is "group," which is singular. The main verb is "are complaining," which is plural.

"A recipe with more than six ingredients are too complicated."
The main subject in this sentence is "recipe," which is singular. The main verb is "are," which is plural.

"The facts in that complex case is questionable."
The main subject in this sentence is "facts," which is plural. The main verb, "is," is singular.

"The people is wearing formal attire."
The main subject in this sentence is "people," which is plural. The main verb is "is wearing," which is singular.

Correct examples

"The group of students is complaining about grades."
"A recipe with more than six ingredients is too complicated."
"The facts in that complex case are questionable."
"The people are wearing formal attire."

A variation of the subject-verb agreement is pronoun-reference agreement. In the case of pronoun-reference agreement, all of the pronouns should agree with one another in singular or plural tense. Consider the examples below.

Incorrect examples - Pronoun-Reference Agreement

"A manager should always be honest with their employees."
The subject in this sentence, "manager," is singular. The corresponding pronoun, "their," is plural.

"Organizations must be careful about discriminating against its employees."

The subject in this sentence is "organizations," which is plural. The corresponding pronoun, "its," is singular.

"If you really care about somebody, let them make their own choices."
In this sentence, the pronoun "somebody" is singular, but the corresponding pronouns, "them" and "their" are plural.

Correct examples

"A manager should always be honest with his (or her) employees."
"Organizations must be careful about discriminating against their employees."
"If you really care about somebody, let him (or her) make his (or her) own choices."

Parallel Structure

The parallel structure of a sentence refers to the extent to which different parts of the sentence match each other in form. When more than one phrase or description is used in a sentence, those phrases or descriptions should be consistent with one an other in their form and wording. Parallel structure is important because it enhances the ease with which the reader can follow the writer's idea. Consider the following examples.

Incorrect examples - Parallel Structure

Example One: "He is strong and a tough competitor."
Notice that "strong" and "a tough competitor" are not the in the same form. "Strong" and "competitive" are consistent in form.

Example Two: "The new coach is a smart strategist, an effective manager, and works hard."
Notice that "a smart strategist" and "an effective manager" are consistent with one another, but not consistent with "works hard."

Example Three: "In the last minute of the game, John intercepted the football, evaded the tacklers, and a touchdown was scored."
Notice that the first two phrases in this sentence are consistent with one another: "intercepted the football" and "evaded the tacklers." However, the final phrase, "and a touchdown was scored" is not consistent with the first two phrases. Correct examples

Example One: "He is strong and competitive."
Example Two: "The new coach is a smart strategist, an effective manager, and a hard worker."
Example Three: "In the last minute of the game, John intercepted the football, evaded the tacklers, and scored a touchdown."





Spells & Curses — Spelling & Cursive


How very strange is this Matrix into which we’ve been woven, largely unaware. The reality is that we’re the ones doing the weaving, yet that does us no good when we do so unconsciously. Are you ready for a trip down the rabbit hole? I am, so let’s go.


Secret Spells of the English Language — 2:33


Humanity is hugely polarized, of late. I don’t think I have to convince anyone of that, so clear & apparent it is midst the cacophony of much of our current discourse. Discourse, heck, it’s this or that group trying to shout the other one down, with precious little actual discourse, anywhere. It’s one heck of a challenge for any president, or anyone to get anything done in such an environment — which perfectly suits the divide-and-conquer cabal.

Arrogance is on full display, here in America — & elsewhere. When people are so very convinced they’re right, there is no possibility of reasonable debate. When their way is the only “right way,” they are effectively deaf to anything else. Rather than go into any kind of dissection of the current state of affairs, let’s go behind the scenes to dig deeper than these glaring superficials.

Full disclosure: I’m a conservative American, looking for a middle path where all can come to the table for that currently absent “civil discourse” — simple rational & fair discussion. In this huge land, there is room for all, for all points of view, with one caveat — we must be rational & reasonable, i.e., open. You don’t enter such a discussion with your mind solidly made-up, leaving no room for honest, intelligent debate — about politics or anything else.

Okay, let’s move on to the meat of what I have to say. Americans are hugely unaware of the actual cabal witchcraft being practiced behind closed doors — by the so-called ruling elite. PedoGate is being exposed, yet it’s far worse, far deeper than “just” childhood sexual abuse. Torture & murder in heinous rituals is cabalist daily fare.


While pedophilia/satanism is at the heart of cabal control, that’s just how they manage their lackeys. It’s by no means their only strategy to keep the masses reined-in & submissive. They basically own the American school system.

Anyone who hasn’t done any research into Common Core is unaware of the extent of their infiltration into education, their tactics to manipulate us from our early days. Their clear goal is to craft us into obedient, passive sheeple & sleeple, i.e., submissive, obedient, unaware.


Next comes agriculture & the processing of our foods & drinks — of all we consume. If you think the FDA is on top of this, you’re just mistaken. They, like most government organizations, are very much a part of the problem, as it were. Such bureaus are carefully staffed at the top echelons by cabal operatives.

Their aims are not ours.

What Americans take to be simple, basic, obvious goals — safe, healthy food, water, & beverages — are given only lip service by them, acting as cover for their true aims — manipulation & control, including population control. They want us dead, folks — or so unhealthy & unaware that we don’t interfere with cabal machinations.


Look at law enforcement. Do you really think that they can be unaware of the fate of the masses of our missing children & adults? Do you think PedoGate could exist without at least some internal cooperation of law enforcement?

If the judiciary & law enforcement were carrying out their Constitutional duties, PedoGate simply couldn’t exist, much less thrive as it does.

Don’t get me wrong — I fully support honest, ethical law enforcement. That is NOT what we’ve got at the top of many police forces, today. Police chiefs are among those who have resigned or been arrested for helping to enable these crimes. [1]


We do not currently have a true Constitutional government — haven’t had for longer than most of us realize. It’s a corporation, friends. So is every city & state in the land — they’re all INCORPORATED. Does that ring any bells, set off any alarms? Do you remember the time, not so very long ago, when the law was changed to recognize corporations as individuals — giving them those rights we all have/had?

That legal maneuver was not the beginning of their dark plots, but rather the next in a long line of acts implementing the cabal take-over of America. We basically slept through the stealthy usurpation, working always behind closed doors. Laws & regulations were implemented that choke the life out of us & milk our every last dollar, were that possible, into their coffers, thus maintaining their reign.


Why & how did we manage to be so unaware while this was going on? That goes to all the bit-by-bit moves they took, earlier on, via the Hegelian Dialectic (thesis, antithesis, synthesis; or as David Icke simplifies it, The Totalitarian Tip-toe — Problem, Reaction, Solution). They basically herded us into submission, increasingly regulating the simple acts of our daily lives.

Yes, tricky bastards they are, but we’ve got to finally wake-up & take on the responsibility we’ve shunned for so long. We LET this happen — so there’s enough blame to go around. No one is innocent in this mess. Are you ready to stand tall?

We didn’t pay much attention to the changing laws, the growing burden of regulations, the incorporation of government(s) across the land. It was either kept secret, or we were given some seemingly reasonable cause for each change — & we swallowed it, whole. Onerous laws & regulations made it onto the books under innocent, beneficial-seeming titles — we didn’t read the find print.

Americans — the regular folks — morphed into the silent majority, all the while this takeover was being implemented. We dutifully paid our taxes, paid the fines levied on our life-styles, accepted the changes, whatever they were — too preoccupied with just making a living to question or do the research.

We succumbed, marching peacefully onward, for the most part. Oh sure, voices were raised all along this dark path, but for the most part few joined in to protest & change this or that aspect of the hijack. We often didn’t even vote. The rest of us went on making a living, raising our families, paying attention to what interested us. They designed it like that.


We’re becoming more aware, now, of what Hollywood has become — of the extent of the degradation they both live & portray in their movies & TV shows. We’re also beginning to discover the extent to which satanism & pedophilia is rampant, there. Well folks — we were the faithful consumers of this gore. Let’s keep our eyes trained on the self through all of the exposure — remembering it took our quiet complicity for any of it to occur.


Finally, what about our addiction to electronics, to every new goodie technology brings forth? Many can no longer read a simple map, so reliant on GPS have we become. Others are accepting 5G WiFi unquestioningly. Where would we be if a massive solar-blast EMP took out the electrical grid? What about our phones, the internet — our appliances? Where, indeed.


How, oh how did this happen? Look to our language(s), my friends. It’s all quite built-in yes, by the cabal & ever so long ago. Keep in mind we don’t know who the real cabal masters are — they never show themselves, never play their cards openly. They do their work through willing minions who are both bribed & blackmailed into continuing submission — think PedoGate.

People enter this cabal realm largely innocent, their first tasks being reasonable ones — only to discover, when it’s too late, that dark deeds are required of them. So again, let’s keep our eyes ever focused on self, & not forget that there are many great & wonderful people employed in all of these organizations, everywhere.


Looks like this will be an introduction, a part 1 of what I want to share.[2] Laying the groundwork is necessary to help us strip off the rose-tinted glasses that prevent us from seeing the dark gore, the great depth of deception we’ve endured. Unless & until we can come together with openness, willing to hear another perspective, we won’t see what’s right in front of us. That’s a testament to the efficacy of said deception.

Language, itself, is a veritable minefield of endless traps. How you speak is how you think, & the schools well prepared us for that, molding our innocent minds along sheeple lines. Were you aware that there’s precious little truth in any textbook, anywhere in the land? That current science functions on outdated theories, long abandoned by the SSP (Secret Space Program) & other black-budget groups?

We hear whispers all the time, telling us we already have, & have had free energy — just not shared with the regular folks, kept back for the use of the “elite.” Yeah, right. Elite, my ass! They’re banksters & tricksters, my friends. No, not the ones you see, parading as members of Congress, or of this or that government body. Remember, the true cabal rulers are never seen by us, never identified in any way.


Long ago I bought in to the New Age thing — ascension, the whole works. Awakening, it turns out, is nothing at all like any of us imagined. I now see the New Age & other similar movements as yet more cabal manipulation at work, keeping our noses out of their behind-the-scenes doings — their true dirty work.


They like to keep us pacified, thinking we’re making a difference following this or that meme. I include the world’s religions as other avenues to keep the cattle from getting too restless. I view any salvation-offering path as yet another meme used to pull the wool over our eyes — to keep us pacified & out of their way, perhaps awaiting divine intervention.

Humanity basically went to sleep. Do you see it — how we were manipulated & controlled to fall in with their various schemes? God never wrote the Bible or anything else. Nothing exists that wasn’t written by humans, period — I don’t care whether by divine grace or not, they were HUMAN.

No “word of God” exists on planet earth — beyond the Truth, written large within each of us — in Heart. Soporifics, they all are, to keep us pleasantly following dead-ends — just so we’re out of their way, as they further & further implement their endless control schemes.


The good news? As Source, here in form, we can’t be kept down forever. The global awakening is in progress, right now. You’re a part of it, of course — doing your part just by awakening from the daze, stepping ever more out of The Matrix.

So, while they are going down, they’re by no means out of the game just yet. Their arrogance is playing the lead part in their defeat. Just like their utter shock on hearing news of Donald Trump winning the presidency, they still don’t believe they can be defeated, overall. Well, they can, & it’s happening.

Each one waking-up is playing an important role. Even if you take no overt action, the fact is you loosed yourself from the shackles. Never again will you be so easily led to the slaughter, as before.


I’ll close by saying that the forcing of separate languages on the masses was a cabal op. Tower of Babel, indeed — that whole story points to happenings, without, of course, telling the truth about them. Prior to Babel, we all “spoke one language,” most likely via telepathy. All of humanity understood each other clearly, back then. Though we can hardly even imagine that, today, we can be open to at least consider the possibility, yes?


The rulers, the “gods” of those days, didn’t want to be bothered by humanity reaching for whatever heights were available to us. We HAD to be corralled for them to successfully rule, to carry out their vampiric, manipulative intents.

These dark ones are a race of very powerful beings, but a race — a few races — who have lost direct contact/communion with Source. Thus, they no longer have the benefit of that beautiful, spiritual flow. They must take our energy to survive.

They demanded absolute obedience — even worship. When some among humanity wanted to advance, spiritually or technologically, intellectually — they made their move to cut that off at the pass, i.e., Babel.

Word is that we once has 12, not 2 strands of DNA — the remnants of which we retain as so-called junk DNA. Yeah, right — junk my eye! So asserting different languages — making us unable to commune with one another — suited their ends, for together we are simply indomitable, my friends.


How do we come back together? Via Heart. Yet look around you to witness their continuing, never-ending strategy of divide-and-conquer at work—in everything. Pitting one of us against another is what they do best — all the while keeping our attention focused on one another, rather than on their dark work. They require darkness & secrecy to succeed. Compartmentalization, itself, seen everywhere, is one implementation of that.


Hierarchies of any kind are another method of control, making it easy to manipulate the many by control of the few. Do you see this at work, anywhere? In reality — the real one, not the fake Matrix we’ve occupied — we are all literally equal. There is not one of us who is superior to another, anywhere. How can there be, when all are just one — just One — no two, anywhere.

Our oneness completely invalidates any sort of hierarchy of importance. It makes a farce of compartmentalization. Once we get a few basic truths under our belt, we’re far better equipped to exit the Matrix, stage right. We are unstoppable, friends, but only the REAL we — not the characters we’re playing while in the Matrix daze. They, too, are not real — as many have realized in their awakening process.


That’s right — even you are not who you think you are, who you take yourself to be, for you are divine. You need no middle-man or middle-woman. You are That, right now. That’s right, no long path of study or practice to achieve this equality — it’s a done deal. Now.

The biggest challenge is to shift our relationship with mind — not being so darn trusting of anything it has to say. Until we begin to cut some of those cords of trust, we’re stuck in our daze. The cabal has basically taken over the minds, the thoughts of humanity — convincing them of their powerlessness, their sinfulness… leading to our inability to recognize our own divine nature.

This is overcomable, but not via mind, so there’s the rub. I’m using mind to reach you, yet unless & until we abandon our trust in mind, & shift our current relationship to it, we’re going nowhere, fast. We just continue chasing our tail, as we have for the last millennia or more.

It’s time to realize we each have our own kingdom, but it’s not of mind — it is within — in Heart. Unless we take our place on the throne of Heart, we can’t enter in to our own magnificence. To exit the Matrix, enter within. I’ll join you, there.



1:13 pm, Tuesday 2017/02/28, Mayan day 13 Oc/Dog

[1] Between police & fire chiefs, well over 200 have resigned since the 12/212017 Presidential EO (Executive Order) Blocking the Property of Those Involved in Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

[2] Part 2, ‘Good-bye’ = ‘God be with ye’ — & Other Word Fun





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